Warwick Folk Festival 2024

Your Visit

Imagine if you will, a summer time in the heart of England.  A sparkling blue river, a green field.  To the north, the turrets of Warwick Castle peep over the trees.  Due East, the river, and on the other side sheep grazing in the field.  To the south, a forest of trees, and to the west, the rest of the festival grounds where you have been enjoying a perfect weekend under the sun.  The birds are tweeting, and the falcons from the castle are being ‘exercised’ overhead.

The festival site is waking up, and the smell of coffee wafts towards your tent. You take a short stroll to the festival village to pick up some freshly baked croissants.  Walking back you stop to say hi to the group of musicians already up and starting a jam session in front of their camper van.  Recognising that your throat is a little hoarse from the evening sea shanties the day before.  As you wave goodbye to them, you inhale, embracing the stillness of the morning.  Soaking it all in, your mind returns to the anticipation of the day ahead.  The artists you have been waiting to see; the workshops you are looking to join; and the new friends you are yet to meet in the ceilidh.  It is going to be a great day.

And all in the heart of England.  All at Warwick Folk Festival.  Sound like a good morning to you? Join us on our new green field site a 15 minute walk from the centre of Warwick.

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