Warwick Folk Festival 2022

Let’s Dance

Like festival patron Ellie Gowers, is the Ceilidh tent one of your favourite spots at Warwick Folk Festival?

We have a jam packed weekend full of dance in the Ted Crum Dance House! Around 30 hours in total to be more specific!

We’re delighted to confirm the dance line up for 2024. Get ready to dance your socks off.

May I have this dance?

Watch some of the fun from last year with this year’s Saturday night band Steamchicken.

2024 Evening Bands
2024 Evening Bands

ALSO: Join us for a Pop up Bal on Saturday afternoon and a Bal in town on Sunday with Fugace! 

Make sure you bring your comfy shoes! And maybe book yourself in for a foot massage after the festival is over! 

Not got your tickets yet? Head on over to our website to secure your tickets for 2024 and check out everything else the festival has to offer this year!