Warwick Folk Festival 2022

Our Environment

In 2022 Warwick Folk Festival moved to its new beautiful home at Castle Park.  Green fields next to the river Avon and next door to Warwick Castle.  In the heart of nature, we are committed to not only maintaining this environment, but having a positive impact on it.  Take a look at some of the changes and policies we have in place to become a greener festival. 

Our policy on single use plastic 

Quite simply, we don’t like it.  At all. 

  • Our caterers sign up to a policy of no polystyrene, sauce sachets, or plastic straws 
  • Where plastic is used across our site we make sure it is reuseable – even down to the cable ties we use!  You will also see this in things like our signage around the site, moving from lamination to chalk boards. 
  • Our bars use reuseable plastic cups – please be sure to return yours! 

Reusing materials 

Most of the decorations you see around site are living their second lives and beyond.  We are committed to binning less, and reusing more.  Examples include the use of reclaimed plywood for signage, and bunting from scrap materials.  We are even currently in the process of giving a second life to old CD’s (keep your eyes open at the festival this summer for the outcome of that project!) 

Warwick Folk Festival -  Folk Music Festival 2023

Water and Waste 

Our preference is that where possible we collectively reduce our water use and waste. To support this we have provided branded water bottles and plenty of taps across site to refill your drinking bottles. 

What can you do to reduce your impact on the environment while at Warwick?

  • Reduce your water use – we don’t mind if you don’t shower too often! We also suggest that you choose to shower away from the peak times of the day, choosing afternoon, or evening.   
  • Selectively pack for the festival.  Be mindful of what you are bringing.  Where possible steer away from single use plastic and bring to the festival what you intend to take home with you. 
  • Bring a water bottle with you (or buy one on site!), choosing to refill your water bottle throughout the weekend at one of our stations. 

Don’t litter.  And if you see litter, pick it up and pop it in the bin.