Festival buggies making a come back!


We volunteers didn’t know what to expect when WFF had Buggies for the first time, thanks to Circle Health.
However we had found ourselves one of the more pleasurable volunteer tasks of the weekend – helping people get themselves and their equipment to and from the widely spaced venues.

The buggies were loved by all sorts of people, ranging from those who wanted assistance getting around the site, tired morris dancers at the end of the day, excited kids exploring the site, regulars who camped near the ceilidh tent on trips to the market place, and Simon Care and his band members who loved the door to door service as they got gear from their accommodation to performance venues.
It was worth stopping by Simon’s tent each time on the circuit as he supplied us with terrible jokes – luckily I can’t remember any of them now! (Driver Rosemary !)


We had a small but nippy, 9 seater buggy, and a larger wheelchair suitable buggy.
Not exactly weatherproof, but at least customers didn’t get too wet, and this year WFF will be warm and sunny !!!!!
Lessons were learned throughout the 23FF, and we plan to be on hand this year to provide a ride around, and ‘ring and ride’ service inside the festival.

So, Deep respect to all bus drivers out there from a hatch back owner. All aboard ‘ doesn’t necessarily mean that all toes and brollies are safely stored. A ‘u’ turn is often a ‘uuuuuu’ turn , and the slalom needed round the crowd and poles outside the Kingmaker stage is only emulated by the effects of road closures and new traffic systems throughout Warwick in the last year .

Festival buggy driving around
Festival buggy driving around

Thanks to all the volunteer drivers last year and we hope to see you at this years WFF


Pictures courtesy Rosemary & Phil