Warwick Folk Festival 2022


Volunteering at Warwick Folk Festival

A HUGE thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who helped make the festival a great success! The festival just wouldn’t happen without you and we hope you enjoyed volunteering as much as participating in the festival events.

An Application Update form has been sent automatically to everyone who has volunteered with us at the last 3 festivals, so no need to do anything at this stage.

However, if you’ve not volunteered with us before and are interested in volunteering next year, then please complete the “Interested in Volunteering” form here.

The range of opportunities to volunteer is pretty extensive, so before you complete your application, checkout the description of the various roles and what is expected of our team here:

We look forward to seeing you.


Volunteer Co-ordinator

festival volunteering
festival volunteering
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For other queries (not related to applications) please complete the following: